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St Benet Biscop Lecture – Life in Paradise

Life in Paradise: visual beauty in worship as a microcosm for life in the world.  The Benet Biscop Lecture by Aidan Hart.



to be given on Sunday, 21st July 2024
arrivals 2:30pm

talk beginning at 3.00 pm 
at the Ealing Abbey Parish Hall by

Aidan Hart

speaking on

Life in Paradise: visual beauty in worship as a microcosm for life in the world

Benet Biscop (c.628-690) spent great resources of his time and money to beautify his monastic foundations at Monkwearmouth and Jarrow. Why? This lecture explores how visual liturgical art–iconography in the fullest sense–is an essential element of Christian worship. Through this iconography we exercise our priestly, prophetical, and royal roles in relation to this wonderful material world that God has created. Liturgy should be a rich and full expression of our life with Christ; the church temple and our worship within it is a microcosm and template of our lives beyond it. If in the intimacy and freedom of our worship we don’t get this template right, we will not be able to fulfil our calling beyond the church walls, especially in our increasingly secular world. And the strange beauty of icons not only helps to transfigure and direct believers: it is also a fragrance of paradise that draws unbelievers towards Christ.

2:30pm   Arrivals
3:00pm Presentation by Aidan Hart

Event held at 
the Ealing Abbey Parish Hall
2, Marchwood Crescent
Ealing, London W5 2DZ 

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